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Ignite Denver 9 Presentation by Kia Ruiz

Ignite Denver 9 Presentation by Jen Duensing

Sandy Fiaschetti & Mike Muehmel, from BRIGHT Automotive in Rochester Hills, MI - Speaking of ideas and innovations for the automotive industry.
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"Twitter users are generating 90 million tweets per day. Between 8pm & 10pm local time in the US, 20% of all Internet traffic is driven by one company: Netflix.

Interestingly, most of the traffic for Netflix and Twitter does not come from the Web browser. Twitter has more than 70,000 registered applications running on devices of all shapes and sizes. Netflix streams content to the iPhone, Nintendo Wii, Playstation, iPad and many others.

All of this innovation is driven by devices - often mobile devices - accessing web APIs. Web APIs, Application Programming Interfaces, allow computers to talk directly with one another. It's how the Nintendo Wii talks to the Netflix server. It's how an iPhone App, like TweetDeck, talks to the Twitter server.

As we enter the golden age of web APIs, we have to ask: what does all this mean for one of our biggest mobile devices, the car?

In this ignite session, we'll explore what is possible when we imagine the automobile as a two ton web API client."

Brian Mulloy speaking about the automobile as an API client.
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John F. Monk of Autopolis in London, speaking about the New Energy Policy, and how Michigan can become the next benificiary
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Nicole Yelland, the Grand Manager from Livio Radio in Ferndale, MI - speaking about the Internet Radio industry.
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Robert Brincheck speaking about how the US Auto Industry must reclaim innovation and leadership.
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John Harding, co-founder of Current Motor Company speaking about Affordable Electric Vehicles
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Yes, you know about Watchmen, and Maus, and Sandman, and Ghost World, and Scott Pilgrim, etc. But what are some of the hidden gems of awesomeness in the world of comics? I'll cover as many as I can in 5 minutes. Several will probably involve monkeys. (Because monkeys make everything awesome, especially comics!)

You can be a beekeeper. Over 25 years ago I fell in love with the wonders and excitement of working with these amazing insects. Let me inspire you to be part of the critical work of protecting honeybees.The secret to getting 40,000 stinging insects to do what you want them to do will be revealed, as well as photos of capturing swarms, the beautiful architecture of wild bees, and the pleasure of local honey.

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