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100 Years ago, Detroit was starting its Golden Age as a manufacturing powerhouse -- a period that cast the identity for the city and the midwest region for the next century. In recent decades, a competitive global market for automobiles and the reduction in labor force due to massive improvements in process, IT, and automation have led some to proclaim the death of domestic manufacturing.

In the next decades, manufacturing will not be an industry fueled by cheap labor, but by technological innovation. With it's ecosystem of small manufacturers, top-tier universities, and skilled workforce, Michigan is well positioned to usher in a new age of Smart Manufacturing. One element which can catalyze this transformation is the adoption of Open Source technologies -- which, in Silicon Valley, have made possible great engines of innovation like Google and Facebook. In five minutes, we'll look at the past, present, and future of Michigan, Manufacturing, and Open Source.

"This is the story of how I ended up with 24,000 Detroit postcards in the trunk of my car, and why I love it.

Shooting Detroit's one-of-a-kind cityscape over the past three years for my architecture blog turned me into a helpless evangelist for the city's raw beauties. It's a calling that's taken me to finer public libraries around the metro area over the past two years giving my slideshow and lecture, ""Love the One You're with: On Architecture & Urbanism in Detroit.""

This compulsion also led in a straight line to my fledgling postcard empire.

Long in despair over the quality of Detroit urban-view postcards -- and convinced of the power these souvenirs have to shape an outsider's memory of a city -- I shot and printed my own under the auspices of a new company I call Unexpected Detroit.

I want to grab viewers by the metaphorical collar with an image pretty enough to surprise them. I want them to admit to our architectural wonders, and -- however grudgingly -- concede the beauty even in the collapse of the Packard plant, which stars in a couple of my cards. I want some s.o.b. in -- I don't know -- Cincinnati or San Francisco to pull one out of the mailbox and go, ""Whoa. THAT'S in Detroit?""

I want to help metro Detroiters see the city with fresh eyes. I want to get them past the sadness that overwhelms so many the minute they drive south of Eight Mile Road. I want to say, ""I'm 56, for God's sake. Detroit has been a wreck since I was a kid. Get over it!""

I want to champion how to read interest and even beauty in all parts of our oddball, dramatically bleak cityscape. I want to inspire a passion that Detroit, like New Orleans, is a national treasure that needs to be rebuilt.

But we can only reach that promised land if we embrace the whole city, not just the tidy bits in the New Center and downtown.

So I'm doing my part -- one postcard out of 24,000 at a time. It's a cause. Honest to God, I've never been happier.


"As teachers find a variety of uses for comics, graphic novels and manga in the classroom, they need to understand the complex thinking and deep skills required to both read and create them. In this presentation cartoonist Jerzy Drozd will explore the convergence of literary and artistic disciplines inherent in comics and see how comics can be a powerful way to build reading comprehension skills, such as prediction, inference, and fluency.

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