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Presenter: Sherene McLemore

Biography: I am a wife, mom and economics geek that plays soccer. I have a strong belief that all things are connected and love and value individualism. I hate soggy cheerios in the sink drain and I am good at Math because I am part Asian.

Description: I wanted to talk about being a war orphan from Vietnam, adopted by a white southern baptist preacher and his wife in the mid-west. Growing up was like a bad version of Footloose and the Joy luck club. Adoption is one of those things that is amazing but so bitter sweet at the same time. You're left often time wondering "Who do you think you are??"

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David Murray (@DaveMurr) is the Social Web Communications Director for re:group, a fully integrated marketing and communications firm in an Ann Arbor, MI. Murray is a national speaker on digital communications and social media best practices, and has been featured in Wall Street Journal Online, and David Meerman Scott's book, The New Rules of PR and Marketing. He is also a member of the Detroit based food blog team, The Hungry Dudes.

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