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Presenter: Joseph Plate

Biography: I'm currently a student in college who enjoys watching cartoons including My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In my spare time i am the head organizer for the Bronies of Phoenix, a group of young adult, here in Phoenix who also watch My Little Pony and enjoy hanging out together.

Description: What are Bronies? Why are young adults (especially men) obsessing over My little Pony? In my presentation I will explain this strange cultural phenomenon that started on the internet.

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Presenter: Cisco Saavedra

Biography: I'm a Father/Husband/Actor/Sommelier/Nerd....yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Description: Variety meats, organ meats, offal, the extra bits get some pretty unappetizing names and are usually relegated to the world of "ethnic foods" and animal feed, but the world of innards has a lot to offer the gastronomically adventurous.
Nutritious? certainly
Icky? well yeah, it's guts n' stuff
Delicious? oh hell yeah!

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Presenter: Dwayne Allen

Biography: I am a principal and Spirit Program Director at Rum Bar at The Breadfruit. With the largest collection of in Arizona, we have been recognized as the authority on the topic of rum. Like a great man once said, "there's more to rum than a yo ho ho". Forget about those days of Malibu & pineapple. Learn how to enjoy the "noble spirit" like royalty.

Description: Rum is perhaps the most dynamic spirit we've ever known. Like no other, It represents a most varying array of cultures and peoples. Rum enjoys freedom of geographical boundaries in that it is without a single overarching governing body. The result is a spirit that takes on the all the distinctive taste and textures of the locale it was produced in.

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This talk was presented at Ignite Charlotte 2 on February 8, 2011 at the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC. Paolo Nagari was speaker #13.

Paul Freeman presents on Diamonds at Leaf Cafe Bold Street as part of Ignite Liverpool.

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Presenter: Leslie Lindo

Biography: I am a woman entrepreneur on a mission to make this world a better place. I teach professionals how to build communities that support social equity, economic growth and environmental conservation, and I love my life!

Description: I am mixed with so many races and ethnicities that I can lay claim to almost any group you think of. Experience growing up in a society that forces you to define yourself by checking ONE box. From being told who you are to whom you should date by strangers, I'll show how life can be outrageous, comical and refreshing while claiming your identity.

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The future is easy to predict if it is already here. Mobility and personal communications are creating a new future and changing the world at the same time. Does the auto industry know how to capitalize on a huge future market? This talk will focus on tapping into a huge new market by approaching it differently, from the outside looking in.

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