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Jen McGinn describes several options for conducting usability tests with inexpensive (or free!) tools.

Jen's slides for this talk are available at

In this Ignite session from UXPA2012, Katherine Wahl shares her thoughts on the User Interview as an inexpensive method of user research.

Slides for Katherine's talk can be found at

In this Ignite talk from UXPA2012, Oracle's Kristyn Greenwood presents 3 of the many cost-saving benefits of remote usability testing.

Slides for Kristyn's talk can be found at

Chauncey Wilson calls on his decades of experience in user research to suggest a number of inexpensive ways to collect user and usability data.

In his talk from UXPA 2012's "User Research on the Cheap" Ignite session, Andrew Wirtanen suggests several inexpensive methods for remotely learning about users and their behavior.

Slides for this talk are available at

In this talk presented at UXPA 2012, Danielle Cooley proposes the creation of social media profiles for personas to make them more relatable in a time when 1/7 of the entire world is on some form of social media.

Slides for this talk can be found at

In this talk from UXPA2012, Stephanie Guaman shares her thoughts on using social media to enhance user group experiences.

Continuing the thoughts introduced by Christopher Myers in his Ignite session, Kat Jurick explains how using real people can further enhance user research on social media tools.

Christopher's talk can be viewed at

Christopher Myers explores the challenges of testing staged prototypes as social media gets increasingly woven into business tools.

Kat Jurick takes these ideas further in her Ignite talk, which can be viewed at

In this talk from UXPA 2012, Erling Amundson shares the joys of combining his two great loves - User Experience and Social Media.

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