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Presenter: Danielle Zeder

Biography: I am a Chicago native, Arizona transplant 4 years and running, married mother of 2 boys. I've been a Registered Nurse for 20 years (Jesus am I old), with the majority of my experience as a ICU Trauma nurse and Hospice Care, however I believe humor is the best remedy for anything in life. I never take my life too seriously people.

Description: When people hear I enjoy Hospice nursing, they say "Oh my God, how can you do that, it's so depressing!" Actually, it is the complete opposite. People faced with their own mortality are usually the most insightful life teachers. Who better to absorb life's valuable lessons from than those who are facing the end of their own journey?

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Presenter: Michael Broyles

Biography: I am a writer, researcher, world traveler, vinyl record collector, and musician. I am most interested in writing about early twentieth century African American religious and musical traditions and am pursuing a graduate degree to achieve that end.

Description: I want to relay my experience of discovering that blues recordings from 1920-1950 contain deep, passionate oral poetry that provides insight into our cultural past and explorations into human nature. My goal is to inspire others to encounter blues music as complex insights into US culture and history.

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Presenter: Libbie Miller

Biography: I love wine. A lot. While I'm not a wine snob, I do have my standards. However, I'm about as uncouth and un-classy as they come. I've been know to stick a straw in a bottle without shame. Most of all, I love this burgeoning wine country right here in our back yard, and urge any lover o' vines to give AZ wines a chance. Long live AZ wine country!

Description: When my wine journey began, I asked every wine expert I knew how I could learn more. Beyond just reading, how could I really understand the stuff? A wise friend told me "Volunteer. Get your hands dirty at a winery." And so I did. Being a "wino" is more than uncorking a bottle. It's about digging in, and occasionally, making a giant fool of yourself

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Presenter: Maisha Christian

Biography: A transplant from Las Vegas, NV (the City of Cheap Eats), I've been in the Phoenix Valley for almost 15 years. I'm an ASU Alumni and work as a marketing professional for a local construction company. I spend my off time loving my family, singing and teaching at church, and volunteering marketing services to local non-profits.

Description: Baking w/ kids, Thanksgiving w/ Grandma, Sunday dinners, church BBQ. Since so many relationship experiences include food, here's my theory: Marrying for love is supreme; marrying with the common love of food is good insurance. You may not want to talk to someone, but you will eventually have to eat. Did I mention I'm marrying a chef in April 2012?

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Presenter: Susan Cope

Biography: I am Director of Catering at Fabulous Food Fine Catering and Events. I love to embrace all the small things in life. I live my life by a set of 21 rules. Rules include: See the art in life ,everything has something beautiful about it , Make new friends everyday, even if the friendship only lasts one conversation, Live life like you may die tomorrow

Description: I took away one clean line of perfect, jet black hair. With each pass, my nerves calmed. I thought to myself, this isn't so bad. 600 seconds later, it was complete. I was free. I was buzzed. I was beautiful. And I was alive. Do something drastic, an activity that is 99% out of your comfort zone. You will feel like you can conquer the world.

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Presenter: Debra Plunkett

Biography: I'm a mom of one beautiful and perfect little girl. I battle with chronic people pleasing syndrome so I feel the need to prove to all the non-believers that my life is indeed complete, even if I do choose to discontinue procreating.

Description: We need tolerance for parents of onlies! No I didn't have a bad pregnancy. No my child was not a terrible, temperamental baby. No trouble with the "systems" either. I love being mom, yet I don't feel compelled to bring additional life into this world. My reasons are perfectly valid --so you all can leave me alone about how selfish and uncaring I am.

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Presenter: Mark Greenawalt

Biography: Phoenix artist who enjoys drawing, painting, playing and writing music, photography, and is best known for bodypainting.

Description: Bodypainting is an art that combines painting techniques, photography, and modeling into stunning images. Tasteful nudity pushes the boundaries and stirs intrigue and controversy. I'll share my images from places as diverse as the Playboy Mansion, Shanghai, the Body Worlds Exhibition, and even underwater.

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Presenter: Katie Archer

Biography: I am fascinated with human behavior. If I'm staring at you, it means I haven't figured you out yet. I'm a mother, a Mormon, a wife, a business owner, a runner, a baker/cook, a foodie, a (sometimes) pianist. I'm also the operations manager for Forty. I'm Katie and I love chocolate.

Description: If I tell someone I ran in a race, they say wow, I can't even run a mile. I would choke and die. I never believe it. Everyone should experience the joy of running. The body is made for running. Most people don't even know they've got within themselves the power to run. The feeling of accomplishment is unmatched, & I learned this in an amazing way.

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Presenter: Amy Edgell

Biography: I am a Phoenix native who works in early stage pharmaceutical drug research. I enjoy hiking, eating great food, volunteering and reading non-fiction for free at Phoenix public libraries. I posses a BS in microbiology and masters in health administration. I encourage those in my life to live with a purpose and try to follow my own advise.

Description: The unknown dangers of plastics in the kitchen have been disguised for too long. Their chemical properties are too complex to explain; therefore, it is compelling to meet someone like me that can break-it-down to a non-scientific mind how polymers leach into foods when frozen in the well marketed 'Zip Lock' bags of our time. Need I say more?

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Margaree Bigler gives the closing remarks from the first Ignite Food. Thank you to everyone who sponsored the event, and the crew who worked on it: Chris Lee, Oden Hughes, Margaree Bigler, Dannie Moriarty, Andrew Knochel, Shaina Rozen, Kevin Maxwell, Andy Woodward, and Jeff Moriarty.

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