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Presenter: Chris Lee

Biography: I'm a partner in a CRM firm, family man, stand up paddling nut, beach volleyball fan, ocean/Hawaii fan, Suns/Cards/Dbacks fan in search of good local food and connecting with Phoenix folks. I help with a variety of charity and new media events around town.

Description: How can someone who used to paddle the gorgeous waters of Hawaii be loving his time on the water in the middle of a desert in 110° heat? Stand up paddling, the world's fastest growing sport, can range from a leisurely stroll that a 7 year old can do to a killer core workout. See what it takes to get started, how to do it & where to paddle in AZ.

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Presenter: Brie Susini

Biography: I'm an eternal school nerd collecting undergrad degrees at ASU. My craving for knowledge extends beyond textbooks, as I learned everything I could as a Patient Coordinator for a Plastic Surgeon. In July 2002, I had my first breast surgery; the second is set for November 2011.

Description: With so few 'tourists' left in Scottsdale (ie: women without breast implants), you have to wonder how there's still so much incorrect information out there. The success, or failure in my case, of a breast augmentation lies with the surgeon you select, the knowledge of implant technology, and an understanding of what's actually going to happen.

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Jana Knapp gives an introduction to Ignite Phoenix #11, explaining why Yoda was wrong, and that trying is a very important thing.

Ignite Phoenix #11 was held October 28th, 2011 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Ignite Phoenix alum Daniel Davis (aka Steam Crow) is both a talented artist and a gifted creator of monsters. He designed the shirt and look for Ignite Phoenix 11, so we sent our own social media monster, Samantha Leopoldi, to chat with him about Halloween, monsters, and other spooky things.

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Ignite Phoenix is all about sharing passion, and coming just before Valentine's Day we asked people to show what love meant to them. We assembled all the clips, set it to the great song "Life Passed Me By" from Super Stereo, and made a little love letter back to our friends and supporters

If I am going to Hartford, CT. why does my bag tag say BDL? And ORD is not short-hand for Chicago. Where do they come up with these funny airport codes?

The Window Seat, as a metaphor, is a perspective. You're sitting behind a piece of glass, in a tubular prison from which you cannot communicate with the outside world (Okay, so they're rolling out wifi on planes, but let's ignore that for now), gazing down at cities filled with bustling ants. Minus the cylindrical fuselage, the Window Seat can also be in a coffee shop, far away from home, and the window is your laptop monitor, through which you observe your world, digitally. This drastic change in perspective can raise more questions than it answers. What really matters? What's your motivation? Does everything look the same when you step back thousands of feet or miles and view it from an outsider's perspective? Things can become surprisingly clear when viewed from a distant Window Seat.

Like many people, I love stories and am constantly amazed by vital a role they are to everyone one of us. Either told verbally among friends, written and published, performed on stage, in movies, or on TV. The art of storytelling has evolved and with the the capabilities of the web we are at the brink of a new form!

1 in every 110 children is affected by autism. In boys it's 1 in 70. This year more children will be diagnosed with autism than AIDS, diabetes, and cancer COMBINED. An autism diagnosis has a profound impact on the entire family. I will share ten years of discovery and learning regarding parenting and raising an autistic special needs child.

Questions I get asked about having a family from Iran: Do you really have camels? Are you afraid of getting stoned (not of the drug kind)? Do you wear a burka? In the age where Iranians have become such a mystery to the point where they are feared, I want to challenge myths and show what life is really like being from the "Axis of Evil."

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