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You wouldn't think that the founding father of humanities award for Peace was actually better known in his time for blowing people to bits and pieces. But he was. Alfred Nobel's greatest gift to the world wasn't a historic philanthropic act. It was proof that we all have the power to change; to rewrite our own epitaphs at any time in our lives.

Why getting lost and wandering the world on my own was one of the most powerful, social, and enjoyable growth experiences I've ever had.

The Universe is fascinating. Elegant. Weird. The normal laws of physics, those that we observe every day, do not seem to apply to the cosmos. Time, the fabric of space, light and gravity all interact in ways we never would imagine. Understanding all of its peculiarities is one of the largest problems in modern Physics.

Video games are the artistic medium of this generation, and Shadow of the Colossus is the way forward. It's mechanics are impeccable; it's style is impetuous. Come with me on a journey through a cursed landscape on a quest to save the future of video games.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend the night with ghosts. Well we can tell you. We will talk about the equipment we use and share stories of paranormal events the team has encountered in the past few years. Including the story of Shaun pissing off a ghost in Tombstone AZ. How could that not be exciting?

Presenter: Kevin E Patterson

Biography: Marketing manager for a Fortune 100 company who has been collecting art, including comic book art, for over twenty years.

Description: Comic book art is the original Pop Art. Once pulped by publishers after printing, now sought after and legitimized by museums, collectors, and critics. Yet artists rely increasingly on computer technology and what appears on the page is literally vanishing. A look at the rise and creative destruction of comic art.

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