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Presenter: Alicia Magera

Biography: I'm a masters level clinician in behavioral health by day, Roller Derby Diva by night. I've played Roller Derby in Arizona for 4 years now and its the perfect outlet for daily stress.

Description: Roller Derby has seen a worldwide resurgence in the last 10 years with Texas and Arizon paving the way. But this is not your mother/grandmother's roller derby. Roller Derby is quickly being recognized as a sport plus entertainment. I will show you the basics of roller derby and dispell the myth that we are all high school dropouts with anger issues

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Presenter: Jim Burns

Biography: I'm a nature writer/photographer based in Scottsdale with three books about birds to my credit and an online birding column. My goal, with my writing and photography, is to turn people on to birding as an introduction to what's out there in nature which, in turn, will expand the numbers of us interested in protecting and preserving it.

Description: Birds are beautiful and fascinating. Birding is cool. I'd like to imbue the audience with my passion for birds, their place in the natural environment, and why that environment is worth preserving. Awareness brings interest. Interest creates love. Love leads to preservation. Get off the couch. Reconnect with nature. Help save the planet.

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Presenter: Al Putman

Biography: I am a semiconductor device engineer living in Chandler, Arizona. Side interests are music (performing, arranging and composing) and visiting amusement parks.

Description: Roller coasters have long been a popular form of amusement and come in a variety of styles and thrill levels. My coaster count stands at 294 and includes 78 amusement parks in 22 US states. This presentation will give an overview of roller coasters and reveal a personal favorite.

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Presenter: Steve Gilbert

Biography: By day I'm a corporate recruiter with my own firm called Passivecast. I'm a father of two and a native of Arizona. I have an otaku (obsession) with free-standing backyard buildings used as work space.

Description: With the current growth trends around telecommuting a need for space to work at home has grown. Many companies have emerged over the last 5-7 years that offer backyard buildings used for work space. I'd like to share what I've learned about the look, practicality, and pricing of these backyard buildings that people are using for work space.

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Presenter: Sara "Spooky" Dobie

Biography: I'm a Midwesterner, but don't fault me for that. I attended Ohio University in Athens, Ohio; I'm obsessed with Halloween; and I like scaring you.

Description: Ohio University was recently named the #1 Party School in the Country. It's also considered the most haunted university in America. We throw the biggest Halloween party nationwide. We have five cemeteries that surround the university in a pentagram. Oh, then there's the abandoned lunatic asylum on the hill. Don't believe in ghosts? You will.

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Presenter: Susan Baier

Biography: I'm a marketing strategist and unapologetic geek. I was watching Star Trek with my Dad when most of the people I know weren't even born. I have a collection of pithy t-shirts and a big mouth.

Description: My kids can act out the entire script of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" from memory. We have 4 Macs, 4 iPhones, & every edition of Star Trek & Star Wars ever released. We fight over the new ThinkGeek catalog. But raising geek kids has its pitfalls, and last year the fun & games turned into the most frightening experience of my life.

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Presenter: Andrew Ryno

Biography: I'm a 20 year old web developer and future physicist. While I'm not solving Schrödinger's equation I enjoy developing for and contributing to WordPress. If I had the option, I would likely be travelling indefinitely. Between physics and exploring, it's easy to find the beauty in the world.

Description: Neutrinos going faster then light? But nothing can go faster than the speed of light! Einstein said so!Was he wrong? Who knows. But physicists are wrong all the time. That's what makes physics so exciting. It constantly changes and requires new theories. Always work to be done. But why should you care about all these changes? How can you help?

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Presenter: Paul Hoeprich

Biography: I am a local indie filmmaker and was named the 2010 AZ Filmmaker of the year by the Phoenix Film Foundation. I also teach film and media production at Arcadia High School. My students produced a theatrically released feature film last year on Illegal Immigration.

Description: I hated being a teenager. I found punk rock and it saved my life. But, I suck at playing music. But, I'm good at making movies. Now I use punk rock philosophy to inspire kids to make socially conscious films.

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Presenter: Ellen Streiff

Biography: I am a resident of urban-cool Tempe. Moved to AZ in 1969. Lived around the Valley and returned back to Tempe in 2007, it's home. I am a marketing and PR practitioner. I read 55+ books a year, love wine shared with dear friends, I laugh loud and often, and am very intuitive I am mother of four amazing souls; oldest son, twins, and the surprise child

Description: I have a saying; "It's a twin thing" which is a unique explanation for what happens if one is a twin. I'd like to share about the hilarious, heart-warming, and even mysterious life of twins. My mom is a twin, I am a twin, and I have twins. Three generations of interesting "twin language'" and "twin behavior" of lives "x2″ and shared from the start.

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Presenter: Yesenia Ramirez

Biography: I am Yesenia. I am the online Pupusa Princess. What is a pupusa? Well, it is present day Mana from the sky. Kidding aside, a pupusa is a hand made corn tortilla filled inside with meat, beans and cheese. It is the national food from El Salvador. What a hot dog is to the US, a pupusa is to El Salvador.

Description: The day you have a pupusa, will be the beginning of the rest of your life. And it will be so much better from that point forward. Your choice of chicharron, chicken, steak or shrimp with melted monterrey jack cheese stuffed inside a warm, hand made corn tortilla......Once you go Salvadoran, you will never go back.

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