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Three volunteers from the audience attempt to give part of an Ignite Phoenix presentation. The catch is they are seeing the images for the first time as they're on stage, so they have no idea what they're going to be talking about!

They all received some fantastic prizes from Bookmans for being such good sports.

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Presenter: Scott Gustafson

Biography: A refugee from corporate America, Scott currently indulges in his passion for teaching economics at Mesa Community College. When not teaching, he helps students solve unusual problems. History buff. Kitchen experimenter. Winner of slideshow karaoke at Ignite Phoenix 7.

Description: Are you economically prepared for the coming zombie apocalypse? You should be. I'll go through the preparations you need to make now in order to not only survive but thrive during a zombie attack. Economics 101 is good for something. (Potentially applicable to surviving other catastrophes as well.)

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Presenter: Chris Lee

Biography: I'm a partner in a CRM firm, family man, stand up paddling nut, beach volleyball fan, ocean/Hawaii fan, Suns/Cards/Dbacks fan in search of good local food and connecting with Phoenix folks. I help with a variety of charity and new media events around town.

Description: How can someone who used to paddle the gorgeous waters of Hawaii be loving his time on the water in the middle of a desert in 110° heat? Stand up paddling, the world's fastest growing sport, can range from a leisurely stroll that a 7 year old can do to a killer core workout. See what it takes to get started, how to do it & where to paddle in AZ.

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Presenter: Brie Susini

Biography: I'm an eternal school nerd collecting undergrad degrees at ASU. My craving for knowledge extends beyond textbooks, as I learned everything I could as a Patient Coordinator for a Plastic Surgeon. In July 2002, I had my first breast surgery; the second is set for November 2011.

Description: With so few 'tourists' left in Scottsdale (ie: women without breast implants), you have to wonder how there's still so much incorrect information out there. The success, or failure in my case, of a breast augmentation lies with the surgeon you select, the knowledge of implant technology, and an understanding of what's actually going to happen.

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Jana Knapp gives an introduction to Ignite Phoenix #11, explaining why Yoda was wrong, and that trying is a very important thing.

Ignite Phoenix #11 was held October 28th, 2011 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Brian Carson closes out Ignite Phoenix #10 with information on upcoming events, and a request for everyone to engage with their passion and the speakers from the event.

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Presenter: Jonathan "Kamikaze" McNamara

Biography: I'm one man on an eternal quest to listen to as much Japanese music as I can. And when I'm all hopped up on ear candy, I share a little bit with the world through my Japanese Music blog called "Nihongaku." "Nihon" means Japan. "Ongaku" means music. Put 'em together and they mean an invasion for your ear holes.

Description: How much Japanese music do you listen to? Answer: not enough. Find out about the Japanese band that initially made a splash by touring with Nirvana. Hear about the Japanese punk band good enough that Joey Ramone produced them. Who is the J music superstar poised to take over the world. Time to listen up!

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Presenter: Amy Donohue

Biography: I've been a stand-up comedienne for 8 years. I'm a native of Buffalo NY, which is sometimes pretty painful to admit, especially during football AND hockey seasons. I've lived in Phoenix for almost 9 years and I'm working on taking over the Valley.

Description: A couple months ago, a woman I had originally met on Twitter (@Diyamarketing aka Kirti) sent out a tweet about her mother suffering from kidney failure. She had been put on a waitlist for a donor that could be up to 6 years. When I saw that, I blurted out "I'll do it! I'll donate my kidney!"

I want people to be aware that they don't have to wait to die to help someone else. Whether it's donating blood or a kidney, there are ways to help someone else.

I don't look at it as saving a life, but as giving someone a better quality of life. She hasn't been able to eat pizza in 10 years. How much does THAT suck???

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Presenter: Bogi Lateiner

Biography: I am a master mechanic and owner of a full service auto repair shop in midtown Phoenix. I teach basic car care classes for women and recently launched a foundation to promote women in the automotive industry.

Description: I didn't grow up thinking I would be a mechanic. But when I started learning to work on my own car -- I learned more than just how to change a tire. Ever since I've been passionate about teaching people about their cars and encouraging women in particular to get in there, get dirty and see just what they are capable of, with their car AND in life.

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Presenter: Leslie Lindo

Biography: I am a woman entrepreneur on a mission to make this world a better place. I teach professionals how to build communities that support social equity, economic growth and environmental conservation, and I love my life!

Description: I am mixed with so many races and ethnicities that I can lay claim to almost any group you think of. Experience growing up in a society that forces you to define yourself by checking ONE box. From being told who you are to whom you should date by strangers, I'll show how life can be outrageous, comical and refreshing while claiming your identity.

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