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Where 2.0 2011, Mary Haskett, "Risk Taking for the Meek: A Primer"

Where 2.0 2011, Tadayasu Sasada, "GeoHex -- Change Your World by Hexagon!"

Where 2.0 2011, LaurieAnne Lassek, "Pii Does not Equal Pi "

Where 2.0 2011, Dale Dougherty, "Education is Local"

Where 2.0 2011, Vanessa Fox, "Rebecca Black Memes"

Where 2.0 2011, Raj Singh, "Crowdsourced Databases for Fun and Profit"

Where 2.0 2011, Sylvain Carle, "Locking Yourself Out in London (and Tweeting About It)"

Where 2.0 2011, John Barratt, "Who, What, Where, When: Creating New Maps from Geo-tweets"

Where 2.0 2011, Vince Rosales, "Why Where? OK, but How??"

Where 2.0 2011, Alex Kilpatrick, "Ignite: Software Development in a Warzone"

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