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In this Ignite talk from UXPA2012, Patrick Ibizugbe shares his thoughts on bringing harmony to UX and Marketing through constructive collaboration.

In this Ignite talk from UXPA 2012, Elisa Del Galdo chronicles the history of the relationship between UX and marketing from its early conflicts to current constructive collaborations.

In this Ignite talk from UXPA2012, Emerson Niide describes a project that successfully combined the expertise of marketing and usability teams for Brazil's Banco Sofisa.

Emerson's slides are online at

In this Ignite talk from UXPA2012, Sara Mastro shares an Agency UX-er's perspective on how UX and Marketing work together.

David's take on the co-evolution of user experience research and marketing research and how each can benefit the other.

Slides for this presentation can be found at

At x:xx, David refers to Kathi Kaiser's previous Ignite, "Is UX a Cult?" See Kathi's talk at

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