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Presenter: Jana Knapp

Biography: Jana is an avid fan of geekdom, good books, and single malt scotch. Her hobbies all focus on connecting people who are doing awesome things with the larger community. A former nonprofit fundraiser, she now works in digital advertising and builds organizational infrastructure and processes. She's the mother of a sassy eight year old girl.

Description: She-Ra. Leia. Colonel Dearing. Buffy. My childhood and young adulthood were shaped by strong female characters that kicked butt and took names. No matter the situation, I had a role model for success. Where did they go? Girls today don't have the same kinds of characters to look up to. Or do they? Who are the new women with swords?

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Presenter: Mark Greenawalt

Biography: Phoenix artist who enjoys drawing, painting, playing and writing music, photography, and is best known for bodypainting.

Description: Bodypainting is an art that combines painting techniques, photography, and modeling into stunning images. Tasteful nudity pushes the boundaries and stirs intrigue and controversy. I'll share my images from places as diverse as the Playboy Mansion, Shanghai, the Body Worlds Exhibition, and even underwater.

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Gwen Shapira presents Data vs. Models at Ignite Foo Camp

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