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We create our culture together, building on the knowledge of the masses to make a better world for ourselves and our fellows. We do this by developing new creative expressions and theories that challenge existing knowledge and perception. For example, recently representatives from the National Institutes of Health, the FDA and other nonprofits adventurously collaborated on an open data project to hasten the search to cure Alzheimer’s. Only in the past century has the reuse of other people’s creative expression been condemned, as intellectual policy and copyright law increasingly favor controlling one’s intellectual property to exclusive ends. How did this happen? What can we do to change it? How can we foster an Open culture that encourages the free and broad use of the knowledge and creative products instead of assuming we all want our creative expression on lock-down?

We're nerds for democracy. People should hear about the work that is being done by volunteers to open up and make accessible governance information - and the tools that are being built to support it. Hopefully this can inspire others to take a greater interest in their democracy. won 2nd place and the data transformation bonus prize in the recent MashUpAustralia competition. It is a service that takes a location and tells you where in Australia's representative democracy you lie.

My talk will be about the roll data has and will have on our daily lives and the decisions that result from that. Think; relations, serendipity, data visualizations, making the invisible visible. The presentation is about my quest to collect more data about myself. It's not necessary to create new content or data, but the quest to find and store existing data and getting it into Excel to make sense out of it. It's not even about the form, I think most data is formless, waiting to be used for something to create meaning.

Some info about me; studied data visualization and storytelling at University of Amsterdam, founder of a Your Neighbours (an internet focused agency in Berlin), regular public speaker, editor for Bright Magazine and I did a lot of other stuff.

Visualizations can make sense (or nonsense) of complex data

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