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Presenter: Amy Donohue

Biography: I've been a stand-up comedienne for 8 years. I'm a native of Buffalo NY, which is sometimes pretty painful to admit, especially during football AND hockey seasons. I've lived in Phoenix for almost 9 years and I'm working on taking over the Valley.

Description: A couple months ago, a woman I had originally met on Twitter (@Diyamarketing aka Kirti) sent out a tweet about her mother suffering from kidney failure. She had been put on a waitlist for a donor that could be up to 6 years. When I saw that, I blurted out "I'll do it! I'll donate my kidney!"

I want people to be aware that they don't have to wait to die to help someone else. Whether it's donating blood or a kidney, there are ways to help someone else.

I don't look at it as saving a life, but as giving someone a better quality of life. She hasn't been able to eat pizza in 10 years. How much does THAT suck???

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