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Presenter: Aaron Eckburg

Biography: I am a purveyor of hand crafted, artisanal sea salts from around the world. A selmelier if you weill. More information about basic salts than most people want to hear, you can find me pairing salts for those that find us at the farmers markets. We have a greater culinary understanding of salts than most executive chef's in the area!

Description: Salt is salt is salt is so far from the truth...learn why salts are different, and how they can make a difference in the flavor profiles of the foods you eat!

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Presenter: Charleen Badman

Biography: I grew up on conventional "American" food where fruits and vegetables were opened from cans and each dinner ended with ice cream. I started working with strong, female chefs when I was 17 who taught me what good, real food tastes like. I love using small, local farms and and sharing their seasonal produce, especially vegetables.

Description: I think we can change the way kids eat; one school at a time by intervening in the food cycle most of us grew up with. It doesn't make a difference to teach them about cooking, gardening, etc. when the cafeteria serves them blue Jell-O and potato chips. If one chef went to one school, we could all make a difference.

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Presenter: Bradley Lusk

Biography: I am a 3rd year grad student in the Biological Design Program on ASU's Main campus, studying in the Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology. I am here to add a little scientific spice to the Ignite Phoenix knowledge cake! My research includes investigation into the roles microbes play in satiating increasing energy and healthcare demands.

Description: The Human Microbiome Project aims to sequence all the microbial genomes associated with the human body. It is estimated that microbial cells in our body outnumber human cells by 10:1! Research is finding links between the food we eat and the microbes in our gut. Microbes in our gut may influence health conditions including obesity and Autism.

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Presenter: Dwayne Allen

Biography: I am a principal and Spirit Program Director at Rum Bar at The Breadfruit. With the largest collection of in Arizona, we have been recognized as the authority on the topic of rum. Like a great man once said, "there's more to rum than a yo ho ho". Forget about those days of Malibu & pineapple. Learn how to enjoy the "noble spirit" like royalty.

Description: Rum is perhaps the most dynamic spirit we've ever known. Like no other, It represents a most varying array of cultures and peoples. Rum enjoys freedom of geographical boundaries in that it is without a single overarching governing body. The result is a spirit that takes on the all the distinctive taste and textures of the locale it was produced in.

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Presenter: Cinder McDonald

Biography: I'm a Mom. I've got multiple chronic illnesses, overweight, husband is very overweight, and money is tight. Things that I always believed were healthy turned out not to be the case. Last Jan, I learned that my kidneys were damaged -- we changed our life, we are getting healthier, losing weight and saving money in the process.

Description: How does a Mom keep her sanity when many things are either off the menu or are severely restricted? What do you do when the doctor tells your family they to lose 300 pounds in a year? How can you do it when you're on a budget as well? This is our story about taking the first steps towards health -- together. (gluten free + renal diet)

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Presenter: Chris Petroff

Biography: I'm an Arizona native, cyclist, community volunteer, and the guy who recently went 87% vegan, bought a juicer, and signed up to run 200 miles from Wickenberg to Tempe with 11 other people. When not working in economic development, I am doing what I love -- coming up with random ideas that make people's lives better, more interesting, or sustainable.

Description: Arizona is one of the best places in the country to grow your own food. Lots of people say they want to start an herb, veggie, or fruit garden but they don't where to start, how to do it, or think they don't have enough space. I want to talk about how anyone can start a garden, even build one on an apartment patio, and start feeding their neighbors

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Presenter: Zach Garcia

Biography: I work in Telecom by day. My 140 character twitter description sums it up best. "Eater. Smoker of meats. Maker of bacon. Wannabe Chef. Dad to Lyza Bea and Scooter the Dog. Husband of @lynngarcia. The official Twitter page for Zach Garcia."

Description: Everyone loves bacon... Even vegetarians love bacon... More than 2 billion lbs. of bacon is produced in the U.S. each year. And store bought bacon? What comes to mind? For me it's two words, water, and shrinkage. I started curing and smoking bacon a year ago and it's become an obsession for me.

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Chris Lee gives the introduction at Ignite Phoenix's first Ignite Food event, where he discusses why food and the culture around it are so important to him and his community.

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Andy Woodward closes out Ignite Phoenix #10 with information on upcoming events, and a request for everyone to engage with their passion and the speakers from the event.

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Presenter: Alicia Magera

Biography: I'm a masters level clinician in behavioral health by day, Roller Derby Diva by night. I've played Roller Derby in Arizona for 4 years now and its the perfect outlet for daily stress.

Description: Roller Derby has seen a worldwide resurgence in the last 10 years with Texas and Arizon paving the way. But this is not your mother/grandmother's roller derby. Roller Derby is quickly being recognized as a sport plus entertainment. I will show you the basics of roller derby and dispell the myth that we are all high school dropouts with anger issues

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