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Presenter: Dustin Diehl

Biography: Writer, 'Star Wars' fanatic and movie enthusiast.

Description: I had the pleasure of attending my first 'Star Wars' "Celebration" (as they are called) this year and I discovered that us fans are a kick-ass group, and, when brought together, create a bubble of unique energy unlike anywhere else in the world...which is a shame, because the world could use a lot more of what we've got!

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Presenter: Victor Aronow

Biography: I am a Phoenix resident for over 40 years and president of the Arizona Community Media Foundation, which operates Radio Phoenix, Arizona's largest community internet radio station. Our all volunteer, locally-controlled radio station brings you news, views, and information you won't hear anywhere else in Phoenix.

Description: Tired of the same-old same-old on radio? Want something beside music streams and angry talk shows? Community internet is the radio wave of the future, and you don't have to sit in front of your computer to enjoy it. For two years, Radio Phoenix has been experimenting with the challenging new world of community based internet radio, and training community volunteers like you to run the station. So tune in and take back control of the airwaves.

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Presenter: Diana Benjamin

Biography: I am a British born Assyrian woman who now lives in the U.S. I am currently studying my masters in occupational therapy and doing my clinicals in pediatric therapy.

Description: As an Assyrian I belong to a culture that dates back to the hanging gardens of Babylon. There are approx 3.5 million Assyrians worldwide. This number is dwindling everyday. This 6000 year old culture is close to extinction due to persecution in Iraq and nobody even knows we exist. My purpose is to raise awareness about the plight of my people.

Presenter: Mack Duncan

Biography: Mack Duncan is a teacher, writer, director, actor, improvisor, puppeteer and an award winning film maker. He is a founding member of The Torch Theatre and creator of the web series "Vincent and Me" (

Description: We can't choose the family we're born into... but we can create families beyond blood relation. We've heard many actors speak of their ensembles as families to the point of cliche; but all cliches are born of truth. As a performer, I have been privileged to be a part of many amazing families, and I believe the Ensemble Family can happen anywhere.

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Presente: Eshe N Pickett

Biography: By day: mild mannered Design Automation Engineer. By night passionate volunteer for community organizations, and I rock my natural hair with pride!

Description: An homage to curly/frizzy/kinky hair. It's versitile, it's fun, and when you stop fighting it, you will love it, and so will everyone else!

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Presenter: Jennifer Longdon

Biography: As a full-time wheeler, Jennifer Longdon lives her life at butt-level which may or may not contribute to her general snarky nature. Jen is a mom, Realtor, blogger, dreamer, PITA and motivational speaker. She hopes one day to become an enigma wrapped in a paradox just to confound the men in her life further.

Description: Jennifer sustained a spinal cord injury more than 6 years ago. She'll share how going from a 5'12″ able-bodied athlete to full-time wheel chair user has reshaped her world view. From the humbling experiences of crowded elevators at butt-level to the marathon course in an every-day chair, Jen will share her triumphs and trials.

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