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Improvised presentation given at Ignite Sydney 8, made up on-the-spot based on the previous presenters' slides.

* but were afraid to ask

In this talk presented at UXPA 2012, Danielle Cooley proposes the creation of social media profiles for personas to make them more relatable in a time when 1/7 of the entire world is on some form of social media.

Slides for this talk can be found at

In this talk from UXPA2012, Stephanie Guaman shares her thoughts on using social media to enhance user group experiences.

Continuing the thoughts introduced by Christopher Myers in his Ignite session, Kat Jurick explains how using real people can further enhance user research on social media tools.

Christopher's talk can be viewed at

Christopher Myers explores the challenges of testing staged prototypes as social media gets increasingly woven into business tools.

Kat Jurick takes these ideas further in her Ignite talk, which can be viewed at

In this talk from UXPA 2012, Erling Amundson shares the joys of combining his two great loves - User Experience and Social Media.

Dan Berlin shares advice on developing your content strategy for social media.

Slides from this talk are available at

Speaker #5: Genevieve Jooste @genevievejooste
Talk Title: Your Digital Shadow
September 13, 2011 - Ignite Charlotte 3 - Neighborhood Theatre (NODA) - @igniteCharlotte -

Co-founders: Bridget B. Sullivan @sullybridgetb & Sam Fagan @samuelhfagan

Luca Sartoni presents Symbolic Violence and Social Media at Web 2.0 Expo SF 2011 Ignite

For the large majority of us, social media can seem like a crazy, tangled web of connections that can create surprisingly real-world results, but we sure don’t know how it works. What else can be described in this way? Oh yes, the human brain. By comparing the world of social media to certain functions of the brain, we can better understand how social media use can help us engage and grow our communities and specifically target the “Giving Cortex” in each of our supporters’ minds.

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