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Presenter: Jack Anderson

Biography: I am a designer from the entertainment industry with projects from A Bug's Life to ESPN Sports Center to the largest solar system model in the U.S. I'm currently combining 3D AutoCAD modeling with solar geometry. I am an avid motorcyclist who rode 8000 miles from Loa Angeles to Portland Maine in 2009. Alaska this summer!

Description: Zonies have a love-hate relationship with sun. We live here for the nice days then spend 6 months of the year avoiding sun and seeking AC. The ancient cliff dwellers used precise solar geometry to design thier apartments. All of our new architecture and landscaping can be precisely designed for summer shade, winter heat and natural light.

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Dave Strenski
The Birth and Death of a Solar Electron

Talk #09 - Ignite Ann Arbor #6 - November 6, 2011
Blau Auditorium, Ross Business School
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI

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