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Presenter: Jack Anderson

Biography: I am a designer from the entertainment industry with projects from A Bug's Life to ESPN Sports Center to the largest solar system model in the U.S. I'm currently combining 3D AutoCAD modeling with solar geometry. I am an avid motorcyclist who rode 8000 miles from Loa Angeles to Portland Maine in 2009. Alaska this summer!

Description: Zonies have a love-hate relationship with sun. We live here for the nice days then spend 6 months of the year avoiding sun and seeking AC. The ancient cliff dwellers used precise solar geometry to design thier apartments. All of our new architecture and landscaping can be precisely designed for summer shade, winter heat and natural light.

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Presenter: Stephen Bohn

Biography: I am a philosophet-poet-warrior directed toward the fulfillment of three aspects of my life that have become synonomous with the "local" movement: music, bread, and fitness. I play cello in a local agro-gypsy band, I cultivate breads at a bakery/coffee bar, and I believe regular daily exercise is substantial as bread and joyous as song.

Description: Having spent endless hours at the gym I have come to appreciate the liberation that the great outdoors provides. There is a surge of growing interest in this as a more natural exercise modality for its physical and psychological benefits, but there is an even greater, more profound reward in the intimate relation between man and his environment.

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Presenter: Tiffany Brown

Biography: I'm a little bit of everything all rolled into one spitfire individual -- conveyor of cupcakes, a local dancer/choreographer, a creative, a hopeful romantic, an eternal optimist, a sexy nerd, a teacher, a corporate professional, a writer, a tattoo lover, a dog park regular, a girl with a rather wicked sense of humor and a love for Gothic lit.

Description: It's said that every generation has its monster, and it's incredibly apparent that we are in the decade of the vampire. But how did we progress (or perhaps regress) from Nosferatu to Edward Cullen? What does it say about us as a society that we are embracing our monsters, pulling them close and accepting them as another breed of human?

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Presenter: Jana Knapp

Biography: Jana is an avid fan of geekdom, good books, and single malt scotch. Her hobbies all focus on connecting people who are doing awesome things with the larger community. A former nonprofit fundraiser, she now works in digital advertising and builds organizational infrastructure and processes. She's the mother of a sassy eight year old girl.

Description: She-Ra. Leia. Colonel Dearing. Buffy. My childhood and young adulthood were shaped by strong female characters that kicked butt and took names. No matter the situation, I had a role model for success. Where did they go? Girls today don't have the same kinds of characters to look up to. Or do they? Who are the new women with swords?

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Presenter: Sean D. Sweat

Biography: Sean is an industrial engineer, transportation expert, and urban planning wonk who is hell-bent on making Downtown Phoenix a destination for people looking to live car-free.

Description: Last fall, two acres of vacant land in Downtown Phoenix were transformed into a sea of sunflowers. This spring, we're doing it again. And on the side we happen to be pressing the sunflowers for oil and converting it to biodiesel with the Phoenix Union Bioscience High School, to support the solar/biofuel hybrid vehicle they're building. Natch.

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Presenter: Sherene McLemore

Biography: I am a wife, mom and economics geek that plays soccer. I have a strong belief that all things are connected and love and value individualism. I hate soggy cheerios in the sink drain and I am good at Math because I am part Asian.

Description: I wanted to talk about being a war orphan from Vietnam, adopted by a white southern baptist preacher and his wife in the mid-west. Growing up was like a bad version of Footloose and the Joy luck club. Adoption is one of those things that is amazing but so bitter sweet at the same time. You're left often time wondering "Who do you think you are??"

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Presenter: Joseph Plate

Biography: I'm currently a student in college who enjoys watching cartoons including My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In my spare time i am the head organizer for the Bronies of Phoenix, a group of young adult, here in Phoenix who also watch My Little Pony and enjoy hanging out together.

Description: What are Bronies? Why are young adults (especially men) obsessing over My little Pony? In my presentation I will explain this strange cultural phenomenon that started on the internet.

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Presenter: Carl Jimenez

Biography: I'm a husband, a father, an Apple fan boy, and an Aquarius. I used to work for Disney and currently manage special events at a children's museum. I listen to a lot of tween pop music, I drive a car that looks like Mickey Mouse, and you know those kids in the AV Club back in high school? That was me.

Description: Coaxial, component, composite, S-Video, HDMI, VGA, DVI, FireWire, USB, and Thunderbolt. That jumble of wires under your desk or behind your TV is more than a network of signals, information, and power. It's a metaphor for creative problem solving, social interconnectedness, and the human brain itself. So let's talk, about the awesomeness of wires!

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Presenter: Jonathan Simon

Biography: Almost two years ago I started a little blog about local geek culture. It's gotten me some pretty fun experiences.

Description: How I started trading in evenings in front of the TV for nights out with gamers, zombie researchers, paranormal investigators, and stormtroopers -- all right here in the valley. What I've discovered about our geek culture, how it's changed me, why it's worth exploring, and how you can connect with it too.

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Presenter: Danielle Zeder

Biography: I am a Chicago native, Arizona transplant 4 years and running, married mother of 2 boys. I've been a Registered Nurse for 20 years (Jesus am I old), with the majority of my experience as a ICU Trauma nurse and Hospice Care, however I believe humor is the best remedy for anything in life. I never take my life too seriously people.

Description: When people hear I enjoy Hospice nursing, they say "Oh my God, how can you do that, it's so depressing!" Actually, it is the complete opposite. People faced with their own mortality are usually the most insightful life teachers. Who better to absorb life's valuable lessons from than those who are facing the end of their own journey?

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