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The Iowa State University College of Engineering is sponsoring an Initiative for a Carbon Negative Economy (ICNE) in which the manufacture of products not only reduces carbon emissions, but actually draws down the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Although the focus of this initiative is fuel production, we have been exploring the concept's application to food products as well. Among the most compelling first products is "pyro brew" -- a carbon negative beer that by its consumption provides the social good of reducing global climate change. A combination of roasted malts derived from wood or even cornstalks and delivery as draft beer (vs bottling the product) makes this possible. I am experimenting on it at both work and home before launching a national marketing campaign. Talk created by Robert Brown and Tristan Brown.

Presenter: Sean D. Sweat

Biography: Sean is an industrial engineer, transportation expert, and urban planning wonk who is hell-bent on making Downtown Phoenix a destination for people looking to live car-free.

Description: Last fall, two acres of vacant land in Downtown Phoenix were transformed into a sea of sunflowers. This spring, we're doing it again. And on the side we happen to be pressing the sunflowers for oil and converting it to biodiesel with the Phoenix Union Bioscience High School, to support the solar/biofuel hybrid vehicle they're building. Natch.

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Presenter: Paul Schwennesen

Biography: I am a cattle rancher east of Phoenix who raises, processes, and markets all-natural grassfed beef at farmers' markets in Phoenix and Tucson.
I live sustainably on land that produces an incredible wealth of tangible and intangible products, not least of which is a passion for small-scale, lightly regulated food systems.

Description: I believe that independent, self-sufficient agrarians who raise food directly from the soil are a largely missing demographic in modern political society. I want to change that, encourage young people to return to agriculture and cultivate the roots of local food/local markets that creates a resilient republic.

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Speaker: Ernie McLaney
February 8, 2011 - Ignite Charlotte 2 - Neighborhood Theatre (NODA) - @igniteCharlotte -

Co-Founders: Bridget B. Sullivan @sullybridgetb & Sam Fagan @samuelhfagan

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