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Jen McGinn shares her past successes and failures as both a mentee and a mentor.

AKA "Wise advice (that we would probably receive) from the grandparents of the world, to guide us in our mentoring relationships..."

Steve Denning offers sage advice for those on both sides of the mentoring relationship

Rich Buttiglieri shares ideas for enhancing the skills and professional development of junior UX practitioners.

Rich's slides are online at

Kathi Kaiser explores the similarities and differences between UX and "Voice of the Customer" programs.

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Bob Thomas explains his 5 rules for mentoring new UX professionals:

1. Sometimes, your boss can be your mentor.

2. Sometimes, your boss *can't* be your mentor.

3. A mentor is responsible for guiding and assisting the mentee, based on a social contract.

4. You can't mentor a stone.

5. Perspective is additive.

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Mike Ryan presents some lessons for mentees in the style of motivational posters.

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Susan Mercer shares her perspective on informal mentoring, including what makes a good mentor and mentee.

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Chauncey Wilson draws parallels between the Culinary and Digital user experiences.

David's take on the co-evolution of user experience research and marketing research and how each can benefit the other.

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At x:xx, David refers to Kathi Kaiser's previous Ignite, "Is UX a Cult?" See Kathi's talk at

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