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Stephanie Rosenbaum combines her 3 greatest loves - food, wine, and user experience - to give advice for ensuring the best possible wine user experience while dining out.

Presenter: Libbie Miller

Biography: I love wine. A lot. While I'm not a wine snob, I do have my standards. However, I'm about as uncouth and un-classy as they come. I've been know to stick a straw in a bottle without shame. Most of all, I love this burgeoning wine country right here in our back yard, and urge any lover o' vines to give AZ wines a chance. Long live AZ wine country!

Description: When my wine journey began, I asked every wine expert I knew how I could learn more. Beyond just reading, how could I really understand the stuff? A wise friend told me "Volunteer. Get your hands dirty at a winery." And so I did. Being a "wino" is more than uncorking a bottle. It's about digging in, and occasionally, making a giant fool of yourself

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Tom helps us appreciate the science of wine and proves that even 2 buck chuck can pass as a $50 bottle.

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