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Ignite Amsterdam 20

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 - 20:00

In just two years time we've put on 19 Ignite Amsterdam shows chock-full of art, design, and theory. Join us for a celebratory night of what we do best: a dozen whirlwind presentations. Featuring tailor-made bikes, food design and home-made liqueur.

> Karlijn Souren: food designer -
> Baaf Vonk: brewer of Liquid Crack - http://www.baafvonk.nl/
> Art van Triest: 3D-printed weapons artist - http://www.artvantriest.nl/
> Sabrina Verhage (TU Delft): one of the designers of the interactive installation 'Kuda' - http://www.thetubingproject.com/
> Elian Veltman: bike designer - http://www.eliancycles.com/
> Elmar Van Cleynenbreugel: urban greenhouse architect - http://www.mediamatic.net/236677/en/elmar-van-cleynenbreugel
> Wouter van der Sluijs: graphic designer - http://woutervds.nl/
> Natascha Hagenbeek: started a big kitchen garden in the heart of Amsterdam - http://www.icanchangetheworldwithmytwohands.nl/
> Niels 't Hooft: fulltime player of alternate reality game The Spiral - http://nielsthooft.com/
> Roel de Boer: designer of the New Dutch Roofing Tile - http://roeldeboer.com/
> Teun Vonk: KABK graduate - http://www.teunvonk.nl/
> Julie van der Meer: founder of mini | galerie - http://www.minigalerie.nl/

Doors open at 8pm, the program starts at 8.30pm. Location: Mediamatic Fabriek, VOC-kade Amsterdam. Tickets €2,- for members, €7,- for non-members (includes a membership card valid for a month).

No videos yet, stay tuned!