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Thursday, September 15, 2011 - 18:00

A gathering of odd minds and young ideas, is becoming an open mic night for the creative idea. share yours, get feedback, be inspired by others.

5 minutes, 20 slides, one amazing idea. we’ll be following the national format of ignite events, and sample shows are online at http://igniteshow.com. have fun, be relaxed, share yours.

creative, entrepreneurial, sustainable, and off-the-wall ideas are all welcome. have a program you’d like to launch? a new initiative you’d like to see adopted in staunton? urban garden? bike share program? tool library? dog park? tell us about it.

be inspired, give feedback. vote on your favorite ideas, while providing constructive suggestions, resources, and networks to the presenters. collaborate, share, enjoy, and get energized.

a people’s choice awards will be selected each night, with fun local prizes. the staunton creative community fund & mary baldwin college will also give away over $5,000 this fall to help launch ignite inspired projects.

third thursdays @ the darjeeling café. 103 west beverley street.
september through november, 2011.
event begins at 6 pm, presentations commence at 7 pm.

interested in presenting or just want a little more information? contact us at joelle@stauntonfund.com - (540) 213-0333 to sign up or check out www.stauntonfund.com and http://igniteshow.com/tips for more info!

No videos yet, stay tuned!