Global Ignite Week

Global Ignite Week 2011

Global Ignite Week 2012 is still in the works. We'll be updating this page with information about dates and how to get involved within the next few weeks, but we're tentatively looking at Fall 2012. Email if you have any questions.

Global Ignite Week 2011 was a resounding success. From February 7-11, thousands of knowledge-seekers from around the world participated in 63 Ignite events in cities, including Amsterdam, Bangkok, Dublin, Frankfurt, Lansing, Lisbon, London, Manila, New York, Seattle, Sofia, Sydney, Toronto, Warsaw, and Wellington. The action started Monday and lasted late into Friday evening.

We'll be putting up information about GIW 2012 within the next few months. In the meantime, check out all the wonderful videos shot at Ignite events around the world.

Participating Cities (and Countries)


Amherst, MA

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ann Arbor, MI


Bend, OR

Birmingham, AL

Boston, MA

Bristol, UK

Brussels, Belgium

Charlotte, NC

Chelsea, MI

Cheyenne, WY

Cincinnati, OH

Costa Rica

Denver, CO

Dominican Republic


Durham, NC


Fort Collins, CO

Fort Lauderdale



Italy (Italia)

Lansing, MI

Lisbon, Portugal


London, United Kingdom

Madison, WI

Manila, Philippines

Medellín, Colombia

Montreal, Canada

Munich (München)

New York, NY


Nuremberg (Nürnberg)

Oporto, Portugal


Paris, France

Pensacola, FL

Petaluma, CA

Philadelphia, PA

Phoenix, AZ

Pittsburgh, PA

Princeton, NJ

Rochester, MI Ignite Automotive


Salt Lake City, UT

San Francisco, CA

Santa Fe, NM

Sault Ste. Marie

Seattle, WA

Sebastopol, CA

Silicon Valley, CA

Sioux Falls, SD


Sydney, Australia

Toronto, ON

Warsaw, Poland

Waterloo, ON

Wellington, NZ

Windsor, ON