Ignite Talks by Dimitris Moraitis

Dimitris Moraitis


Dimitris is the co-founder and CTO of unweb.me Ltd, a consultancy that builds and maintains state of the art information systems, on the web and beyond, since 2009. He studied Computer Science at the University of Athens and has worked for several IT companies and non-profits worldwide as a Developer, Software Engineer and Project Manager. He is currently based in Athens, working on interesting open source projects like Plumi, the video sharing platform. Lately, along with the rest of the unweb.me crew, he has been trying to solve the problem of managing and monitoring cloud servers with just a mobile phone or tablet. The solution is called mist.io and is about to be released as an open source app and a freemium service. Mist.io is a freemium service that helps you manage and monitor your virtual machines across multiple clouds using your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. There are several public cloud providers with different advantages and disadvantages. There is also an increasing demand for private cloud solutions. Each cloud provides its own API and management tools. There are no tools or services that can help you monitor and address problems in virtual machines (VMs) hosted in different clouds using only your smartphone or tablet. Mist.io provides a unified interface that allows you to manage virtual machines hosted in different popular public and private clouds including Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud, Linode and Openstack. It allows you to create / destroy / reboot / tag VMs and to send batch SSH commands through the web, even from your phone or tablet. The interface adapts to your client device, allowing you to administer your infrastructure and to address issues while being on the road. For a small monthly fee, the user can enable monitoring and alerting in order to get notified by email or SMS whenever there is need for human intervention.

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