Ignite Talks by Eleni Krietsepi

Eleni Krietsepi


Eleni is born in Athens, Greece, have studied Management Science and Technology at Athens University of Economics and Business and has an MSC in Operational Research from London School of Economics, followed by working experience as an IT Consultant.She went in Music School and she is a DJ with “Teardrops” djing team. Also loves swimming, lifeguarding, contemporary art, photography and entrepreneurial activities. Today she runs an e-shop with parapharmacies and cosmetics www.healthbebeauty.com, but her real passion is to make Suibee ( www.suibee.com ) the talk of the world Facebook News Feed is not surprising enough? Got a thirst to explore new hobbies, books, concepts, ideas, content and/or people from all around the globe?Suibee is a content discovery app based on your personality traits! Either you are extroverted or introverted, easy going or uptight or you have unique personality chacteristics, Suibee will match you with users who share similar traits and let you know what they post!We have the mission to motivate people explore new hobbies, new business ideas, extraordinary lifestyles, come across new exciting things that are happening around the planet, have a look to what other users similar to you are interested in and publish.

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