Ignite Talks by Elias Pantelakis

Elias Pantelakis


Ilias is from Thessaloniki, Greece. He studied Business Management in Bocconi University, Milan. Then he did his Masters in Marketing at ESADE Business School in Barcelona. While exploring the corporate world working in the marketing dept. for a FMCG multinational, he decided to help people buy their favorite products cheaper!
Being an entrepreneurial spirit since he was a kid, he managed to find his way into the start-up industry. Being part of a very innovative team, with dealingers.com, they are willing to change the way people buy online! This is why they created this platform in order to turn everyone's desire into reality. They are here to solve the major problem of wanting to buy something new but not having the money to pay its full price!
After taking part in the largest internet start-up event in San Francisco (TechCrunch Disrupt), they are here to disrupt the e-commerce industry!
With dealingers.com we redefine the way people buy online. We present the innovation of e-commerce and we modernize the way e-commerce is today. Combining social media, and consumer power we offer, for the first time in the world, a selling platform of hot products at huge discounts that can reach up to 100% off of retail value.


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