Ignite Talks by George Probonas

George Probonas


George Probonas is from Naxos and lives in Aigaleo and despite his condition (he is deaf and he has usher syndrome that allows him to use only 40% of his sight ), he has the patience and perseverance to fight for what he wants and to transmit his vision of a better Greece, and to live in a society without prejudices, stereotypes and social discrimination. He was president Chairman Committee on Youth Federation of the Deaf from 1995-1999 and he participated regularly in seminars and conferences which concerned deafness’s education inside and outside Greece In 1999 he was hired as a permanent teacher in public schools for the deaf. The last 2 years he works in a regular school near its house, since he cannot be transferred he has visions problems that do not allow him to be transferred far away from home. A Greek island that will portray the ancient cities of Athens, Sparta, Knossos, Delphi, Mycenae and Macedonia. The ancient island will depict the history of Greece and its purpose is to enhance tourism. Its guests during their stay in it will have the unique opportunity to live in the conditions that the Greeks lived at the ancient times. On the island you can reach people primarily through an airport which will be constructed to connect it with the rest central international routes.



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