Ignite Talks by Haris Makryniotis

Haris Makryniotis


Haris is the Managing Director of Endeavor's office in Greece, launching operations in September 2012. Prior to joining Endeavor, Haris spent seven years as a top management consultant with McKinsey&Company, serving clients in Greece, UK, France, Germany, Turkey and Cyprus on a range of strategic, organizational and operational topics and with primary focus on public administration, financial institutions and healthcare. As a senior manager in McKinsey's office in Athens, he led the landmark growth strategy 'Greece 10 Years Ahead', which identifies the growth potential in multiple sectors of the Greek economy. On a personal basis, Haris has also supported multiple non-profit organizations to face strategic and operational issues that have become severe during the recent crisis years. He has an MSc in Economics and Finance from the London School of Economics in UK.

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