Ignite Talks by Karen Brown

Karen Brown


Karen Brown has written the book on Parent Involvement in Education, or at least she could write a book. She served 10 years on the School Council at Exeter Public School, followed by 5 years with the South Huron DHS School Council. Many of those years, she served as Chair of the councils as well as heading up numerous committees. Karen’s daughters long ago graduated from SHDHS and one would think that Karen’s support and connection to the school would naturally fade as time progresses. That, however is not the case with Karen. She has remained involved with the school, especially with the music program where she has professionally photographed many events at no charge, assisted and travelled with the music program to many destinations as a chaperone (Ottawa, Chicago, Memphis, Detroit, Nashville), and much more.
She has been generous with her time, finances, and talents, all without hesitation, in support of what she believes to be one of the most important areas of the community, the school. Karen is a champion for schools, the arts and public education in general. She sees the community through a wide lens, and believes that the key to a strong community is a solid connection between community and school. During her time at Exeter Public School she was also a member of the School Improvement Committee for 5 years, the last 4 as chair. Karen spent a great deal of her time working on school related projects and was also a member of the Huron County.

Anti-Bullying Steering Committee, the Huron County Board of Directors and Chair of the Internal Communications Committee of Habitat for Humanity, and a member of Trivitt Memorial Anglican Church Visioning Committee. Two years ago, Karen partnered with. The Avon Maitland DSB and the Foundation for Education to produce a series of School Council Tutorial Videos. She was the featured guest in one of the videos talking about one of the big challenges facing school councils today, recruiting new members and volunteers. Karen is the owner of Help Mates, a Canadian distributor for HipSaver Hip Protectors and was recently awarded Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the South Huron Chamber of Commerce.


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