Ignite Talks by Leigh Cassell

Leigh Cassell


BA, Honors English Language and Literature, UWO. BEd., MSVU. AMDSB Elementary Teacher. SMART Technologies Exemplary Educator. SMART Technologies Certified Interactive Teacher. Founder of the Digital Human Library (dHL). Wife and Mother. Nature Lover. Paddling and Hiking Enthusiast. Passionate about using technology in innovative ways to improve educational achievement, enrich curriculum experiences, engage students’ interest and curiosity, increase student engagement, and provide all students with access to 21st century learning opportunities.The Digital Human Library (dHL) is designed to prepare students to enter the global society by providing them with opportunities to connect with people in local communities and abroad, bringing the global community into the classroom, and strengthening the relationship between communities and schools. By involving parents and community members in student learning, the dHL provides a new instructional resource for teachers to support their teaching in all areas of the curriculum, by offering students unlimited access to the “field trip experience”, therefore establishing a more inclusive and equitable learning and teaching experience for all.


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