Ignite Talks by Matt Knarr

Matt Knarr


Matt Knarr is a grade 9 student at Stratford Central Secondary School and the first ever Avon Maitland DSB Student to be elected to serve on the Minister of Education`s Student Advisory Committee. Matt was selected for this while in Grade 8 at St. Marys DCVI Elementary. Matt is a high achieving academic student who excels in Mathematics. He has also been an active student leader for a number of years, serving on the Arthur Meighen Transition Committee as it readied for the transfer to the new Little Falls Public School and DCVI Elementary. Matt was chosen by his peers as the Valedictorian for the Grade 8 Graduation at DCVI Elementary and has an exciting story of his years in school to share. Matt will focus his presentation on how parents can make the transition to high school of their children easier on them, as he says its not a big deal for students. Matt also credits J. K. Rowling for having a significant influence on his life especially with the Harry Potter series of books and movies.


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