Ignite Talks by Roberta Gogos

Roberta Gogos


Roberta is co-founder of Greek start-up, Gnostix - a social media monitoring and analytics platform developed in Greece.
With close to 20 years of experience in Asia and Europe, Roberta is responsible for Product Design and Marketing at Gnostix. Motivated by the lack of satisfactory social media monitoring and analytics tools in the market, Roberta decided to take matters into her own hands (with the help of a pretty awesome team!) and design the tool she wanted to use as a Social Media Strategist. Roberta is contributing author to a number of blogs and focuses on social media, culture-specific communication, collaboration, elearning and social learning.
Prior to Gnostix, Roberta worked for a number of technology start-ups, where she developed and implemented social media strategies resulting in demonstrable increase in traffic, engagement, lead generation and brand advocacy.



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