Ignite Talks by Stephanie Guaman

Stephanie Guaman


Stephanie has a passion for technology and how it can be used to make a difference in the lives of many. Currently, Stephanie is a lead user experience researcher with 6+ years of industry experience in enterprise usability with diverse user populations across multiple verticals. She has experience with information management software, platform web application development, Data Loss Prevention, Enterprise mobile security and Collaboration infrastructure spaces.

Stephanie has been using social media since Friendster and Myspace were popular during her UCSD college years, but quickly moved to Facebook, having since become a superuser. While at Symantec, she applied social media to the improvement of user experience via online private groups and chats with customers and partners (e.g., Symantec Connect, Facebook). Stephanie is eager to share her stories of lessons learned in terms of what has worked and what hasn’t during this exciting journey.


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