Ignite Talks by Sudha Jamthe

Sudha Jamthe


My experience lies in consumer web marketing for cool technology products, focusing on online community, marketing strategy, brand building, program management, business operations and launches using social media.

I am very inspired by tech innovators and passionate to connect with them as consumers and customers in online web communities and offline meetups. I have been blogging at coolastory.com since 95, been on facebook and twitter since May of 97 and do vidoes, lots of them!

For 10 years, I built web communities. For the past two years, I have focused totally on social media on strategy, workflow and infrastructure to engage and build relationship with tech focused customers.

I have developed a strategy to build developer organizations to connect to innovative developers and built social media listening posts for large companies and run campaigns and launches using social media. I am currently Social Media Strategist at PayPal.

We live in such fun times where marketing and engaging with communities is easy, measurable and a pleasure.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/sujamthe

Blog: http://coolastory.blogspot.com/

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