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How to handle speaker cancellations

Meet with the speakers in person before your Ignite event, getting them excited and making them less likely to pull out at the last minute.
Request the slides a week in advance also helps, and gives you a buffer zone to recruit more speakers. People are less likely to pull out if the hard work has already been done.
Tell potential speakers "Before submitting a proposal, please make sure you're committed to the event and you have enough time to create and prepare your presentation."

Advice to give speakers

Avoid moving around too much.

It can distract the audience if a speaker uses wild hand gestures, is bobbing and weaving back and forth, or has their back to the audience.

Give yourself plenty of time to rehearse to avoid word hooks like "hem", "uh", "like", etc. With practice, you’ll smooth-out rough edges and improve cadence.

Wear clothing that is comfortable and that does not clash with the backdrop

of the presentation/stage. This is so you will show up well on camera. Remember, it will probably be dark in the venue. So use clothing that will reflect the light (gold lame excluded). (This is especially true for people up later on the bill; the room can get hot, and if you go up on stage last, you could look all shiny and sweaty.)

Avoid wearing lots of gaudy jewelry.

The camera and lights also pick this up and can be distracting.

Speak up

and speak clearly and speak just a little slower than you usually do.

Prepare your presentation with speaker notes

and supply them to the event organizer to assist with preparing your presentation after the fact for archived streaming.

Watch as many online Ignite videos as possible

well in advance (we’ve conveniently located them at igniteshow.com). This has the advantages of 1) letting the presenters become familiar with the format being done different ways, 2) seeing the high quality of presentations being done by other Ignites, and 3) making the presenters aware that their own presentations would be recorded and viewed by others in the future.

6 helpful pages for speakers:

Scott Berkun - How to Give a Great Ignite Talk
Jason Grigsby - How to Give a Successful Ignite Presentation
Cory Forsyth - How to Give an Ignite Talk
Ignite PHX - 5 Myths About Being an Ignite Presenter
Ignite PHX - 5 Reasons Why Your Submission to Ignite Phoenix Sucks
Bess Gallanis - My journey to Ignite Chicago

What if a speaker wants to present without slides?

To remain faithful to the 20 slides/5 minutes format, you can use 20 blank slides. Alternately, the slides could count down from 20, include 20 boxes that fade away one-by-one, change color over time, or state the amount of time remaining.

Video Production Tips

The optimal set-up is two cameras. One positioned to get the speaker and slides and the other focused tight on the speaker. (That is not possible for everyone, so here are some cheap(er) alternatives to a full-size video camera: http://bit.ly/nQLJ .)

Presenter Setup:

Presenter should be to one side of the screen in the front of the room.


Mini DV 720x480 pixels or High Definition Camera

Camera Setups

If possible, shoot reaction shots of crowd to use for cutting between crowd and presenter. Aim for close shots that hold on people reacting to any presentation for at least 5 second, and for wide shots offering atmospheric feel of location.

Lighting Setup

Key Light: soft light on presenters face coming from same angle of camera
Back Light: light on back of presenters head
Fill Light: light filling up the back of the shot compensating for shadow from
If in 1 light situation, try to at least get soft light on presenter.

Editing Tricks in Final Cut Pro

An organizer from Ignite Boulder posted a screencast of some helpful tips for editing video of your events in Final Cut Pro. Here is the screencast: http://vimeo.com/6174001 and here is an example video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eijbdVgFUWs .

What is Ignite?

Ignite is a geek event in over 100 cities worldwide. At the events Ignite presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes.

Find an Ignite near you, start your own or watch a video.

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