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anyplace (quest for the environment)

- Georgios Tentes


George is an environmental scientist. Born an engineer, in Athens/Greece, he completed studies in the School of Mining & Metallurgical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He moved on to complete an MSc in Environmental management of water resources, in the School of Civil Eng. NTUA. Since then, he has been working as an environmental consultant in a leading greek environmental firm, specializing in studying and managing the environment. Parallel to his work, he is trying hard to finish his PhD in Environmental Economics, under an EU scholarship with a strict timetable. As a professional he always keeps an eye on innovation, applies for grants for progressive projects and seeks for smart solutions to difficult or unthought-of problems. Environmental consultants try hard to promote sustainable development, while trying even harder to save the environment from individual and corporate indifference. At an early stage George discovered that the state was almost totally absent from environmental problems at the local and the regional scale and that environmental inspectorate was weak and powerless to be in so many places at once; so, one day he thought that if the state cannot do it effectively, then the citizens will. That's when 'anyplace' came up. It's role will be double: to inform the public on the state of the environment in their area and to allow the public to rate and value the state of the environment in anyplace they go. Get it? 'anyplace'. The rest is not history yet. Much effort and a lot of work will be required for George and his partners to make 'anyplace' a real web & mobile app, supported by a reliable geodatabase, valuable to the public, to the state, to the NGOs, to environmental and economics scientists and to the part of private sector that benefits from 'green economy'. But the team is patient and always optimistic. . .



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