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Awesome Comics You Should Read

- Dave Carter

Yes, you know about Watchmen, and Maus, and Sandman, and Ghost World, and Scott Pilgrim, etc. But what are some of the hidden gems of awesomeness in the world of comics? I'll cover as many as I can in 5 minutes. Several will probably involve monkeys. (Because monkeys make everything awesome, especially comics!)


I'm a librarian at U-M, where among other duties I am the head archivist for the Computer & Video Game Archive. I also help to select the comics & graphic novels for the U-M library. I blog about comics at Yet Another Comics Blog, tweet about comics at @davereadscomics, and organize a bi-monthly graphic narrative discussion group. I also helped to organize and participated in a 24 Hour Comics Day event this past October, where I created the quite awesome comic "The B-Team Returns." It had a monkey in it.



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