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Commutapult, Ep 68

- Mark Selander

Mark is sick of the congestion on the roads in his hometown Seattle.
He shares with us his solution to what he believes to be Seattle's most glaring problem . . . Commutapult: Seattle's first surface to air to surface lifestyle and commuting system.
If you want to learn more just read some of their FAQ:
Q: How fast can I get to my destination?

A: We’ll have you there in minutes, guaranteed. For example, downtown Seattle to the University of Washington takes only 14 seconds. Average flight times from Seattle to outlying backwater hamlets such as Redmond average only 79 seconds. Please consult our full transit schedule for details.

Q: How safe is it?

A: We have a fawless safety record. There has never been an accident in the entire history of Commutapult(TM).

Continue reading on the Commutapult site.


I studied industrial design at Western Washington University, graduating in 1998. After college I worked for Will Vinton Animation studios in Portland Oregon. Will Vinton Studios (now known as Laika) focused on stop motion and digital animation. While there I was privileged to work as a model builder, set designer, and concept artist on a variety of television shows and commercials. Following my work at Will Vinton Studios, I spent the next 6 years working on video games as a concept artist for Microsoft Games. I worked on titles ranging from the award winning Crimson Skies series to an innovative web game supporting Stephen Spielberg's film AI and a variety of other projects for the XBox and PC game markets.

I am currently working as a freelance concept artist, designer, and illustrator and am always interested in creative opportunities in entertainment design, game concepting, toy design, and illustration. My goal is to work on projects and teams that are positive, and promote creativity and collaboration. I strive to bring a unique vision to everything I work on and am constantly looking at new ways and methods for presenting this vision. If you would like to get in contact with me, please email me at machinesandhumans (at symbol) for availability and quotes.

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