DoctorAnytime by Eleytheria Zourou

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- Eleytheria Zourou


Eleftheria ‘s first interaction with a “customer” was in the small toy shop of her grandfather, where she understood early enough that sales increase when you sell what consumer needs.
She studied Business administration and marketing in University of Piraeus and started her career in Procter and Gamble, where she learned that a good marketer should be in touch with the consumer and get in his shoes, a more formal way to put what she had early enough understood. Then she moved to ΔΟΛ, where she did marketing for women magazines and having acquired interesting experience from the media world she moved to L’Oreal.
Nothing compares to her entrepreneurial life, which has just begun, bringing into life a new fresh idea in the internet/health sector, DOCTORANYTIME.GR. It’s the idea that brings her closer to what she dreamt for: an easier, faster and more patient friendly access to the Greek healthcare system.
Eleftheria is now working with Konstantinos Papalexandris to ignite the healthcare sector in Greece. Remember healthcare starts from the appointment booking. is the internet site that aspires to make a step change in the medical market by addressing real needs of patients and doctors. Patients need to identify the doctor that will offer them the medical treatment they like based on their own criteria for free. Doctors on the other hand are looking for new ways to expose their background and attract new patients. offers the platform where the patient not only identifies the ideal doctor for him but transforms this piece of info into action, in other words the patient books instantly an appointment with the doctor online. This platform makes the life of both doctor and patient easier, and of course allows both sides to save useless costs. aims to make doctors’ and patients’ lives easier, by always simplifying and adding value to the process that makes those two ends meet. is the largest service provider in Greece that can offer this unique type of service and thus offer the subscribers the opportunity to increase their clientele especially at the first steps of their career.



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