gobanknoteless by George Oikonomidis

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- George Oikonomidis


You declare you want ideas that can change the world. Well here it is:GOBANKNOTELESS ! e.g. abolish the use of banknotes and stop their circulation, while keeping coins. I'm mainly speaking for Euro zone, but of course it can be implemented at whichever country has a minimum ICT infrastructure and a minimum of its population digitally literate.
The consequences will be awesome:
Full and real time state tax earnings.
No possibility for corruption, bribery etc.
Even more impressive: Elimination of the violent money-related crime! No more thefts, robberies, breaking ins, no extortion, no kidnappings! Consequently diminishing of gun and drug smuggling and human trafficking. Last but not least: total discouraging of illegal immigration towards Europe!
All the above are up to now possible due to the "tool" of banknotes. If it disappears they are all gone. The coins will make the whole situation much more easier to work than it would be if they also would be abandoned.
You can find a full description of the idea plus the answers to the well awaited objections at the site here below!



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