How Crowdsourcing Changed Disaster Relief by Schuyler Erle

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Web 2.0 Summit 2010

How Crowdsourcing Changed Disaster Relief

- Schuyler Erle

Open Street Map is known as the "Wikipedia of Maps". IN the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti Earthquake, thousands of volunteers around the world started mapping Haiti from their homes. Soon Open Street Maps were in the hands of relief workers across the island nation and changed disaster relief forever.


Schuyler Erle is a free software developer and activist. He is responsible for NoCatAuth, an early open source wireless captive portal, and, an open source U.S. address geocoder. Erle wrote O'Reilly's Mapping Hacks with Jo Walsh and Rich Gibson, and Google Map Hacks, also with Rich.
Presently, he works with MetaCarta in Cambridge, MA, USA, developing nitfy geographic projects like OpenLayers, an open source web mapping framework written in pure JavaScript, and Gutenkarte, a service for exploring the geographic dimension of classic works of literature. Erle is proud to be a founding member of the OSGeo Foundati



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