How to Solve a Song with Math, Ep 85 by Karen Cheng

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How to Solve a Song with Math, Ep 85

- Karen Cheng

It's happened to all of us -- you hear a song that you don't want to like. You try to resist, but you can't. By the end of the song, you're tapping your foot and singing along. Why are some songs so irresistibly catchy?
Karen used to think it was magic. But when she looked closer, she had an epiphany -- It's actually just math. Songs are catchy because they're scientifically engineered to be that way. Karen shows you how.

Filmed at Ignite Seattle 12 12-07-2011
Thanks to volunteer Michael Norton - @theredhype


After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin, I moved to Seattle to join Microsoft as a Program Manager. My team and I are working on some pretty exciting stuff for the next version of Excel. I have technical and business experience in a mix of large corporations (Microsoft, Texas Instruments) and smaller companies (, Cunningham Market Research).

My top passions in life are: feeling the subtleties and layers of music, eating delicious whole foods, enjoying the endorphins that come with swimming and dancing, and working at a job with a sense of purpose.




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