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Ignite Culture - Are Museums Broken?

- Julian Kingston

**Unfortunately due to technical difficulties, we are unable to show the end of this wonderful presentation. Our sincerest apologies**

Julian Kingston - Are Museums Broken?

With over 20 years of experience in the cultural sector, Julian has worked as a historic interpreter, naturalist, teacher, program leader and museum senior manager. Currently a Principal at Theoria Cultural Thinkers, previously he was A.V.P., Education & Programming at the Royal Ontario Museum.
Experienced developing offerings and activities for audiences of all ages, Julian has also worked with high profile personalities such as Christopher Hitchens, Camille Paglia, Jane Goodall and David Suzuki.

Quirky Fact: While visiting London on his way to moving to Canada, Julian ran around The Natural History Museum telling everyone he was going to where dinosaurs come from. He was five. His favourite dinosaur is currently Albertosaurus.



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