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Ignite Phoenix #12 - Wires!

Presenter: Carl Jimenez

Biography: I'm a husband, a father, an Apple fan boy, and an Aquarius. I used to work for Disney and currently manage special events at a children's museum. I listen to a lot of tween pop music, I drive a car that looks like Mickey Mouse, and you know those kids in the AV Club back in high school? That was me.

Description: Coaxial, component, composite, S-Video, HDMI, VGA, DVI, FireWire, USB, and Thunderbolt. That jumble of wires under your desk or behind your TV is more than a network of signals, information, and power. It's a metaphor for creative problem solving, social interconnectedness, and the human brain itself. So let's talk, about the awesomeness of wires!

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