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Ignite TAO (September 27, 2012) Part 6

Ignite TAO
At Alberta Rose Theatre

Welcome from TAO President, Skip Newberry
Emcee: Sam Blackman, CEO, Elemental Technologies

Craig Calder - Applying Online Multiplayer Game Tactics and Technology to Business

Malathi Parthasarathy - Better Backlog, Better results!

James Williams - Wi-Fi Audio Mixer For Smart Phones and Tablets

Trux Dole - Taking a Whack at Healthcare

Dayna Cakebread - What does your technology say about you? ...and what do you want your technology to say about you?

Casey Huss - Hot IT Hiring and Compensation Trends for 2013

Ben Purdy - I'd Totally Hit That: Building a Real-Life Minecraft Block

20 minute Intermission

Ward Cunningham - Welcome to my Federation

Brantley Shumaker - The America Invents Act in a Nutshell:What Entrepreneurs and Inventors Need to Know

Mark Burright - Help for Cancer

Al Kari - What's a Community Network Anyway?

Nancy Wirsig McClure - A Magical Pixelry Tour

Elicia Putnam - What I've learned about starting a Start-up

Benjamin Sherwood - History Meets Cutting Edge Technology:
3d Printer Brings New Light to Antique Japanese Lantern



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