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Optical GGOS - Giuseppe "Pippo" Bianco

- Giuseppe Bianco

Giuseppe Bianco, aka Pippo, was born in Matera, Italy, 54 years ago. He's an astronomy nut since his childhood; he got a degree in Astronomy at the University of Bologna, and joined the Italian Space Agency in 1985. He's married with Brunella, tenured humanities teacher, and has two sons: Giovanni (19) and Giorgio (14).
He's currently head of the Space Geodesy Center in Matera, Italy; head of the GGOS Coordinating Office; and member of the ILRS Governing Board.
Loves observing the sky, playing drums (and maybe, some day in the future, cello), riding motobikes, sailing, reading Patrick O'Brian's books, and travelling. More hobbies coming soon for sure.

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