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Repowering our mindset, our values...our lives

- Alexandros Costopoulos


Alexandros Costopoulos is a communications strategist active in the fields of strategic affairs and international economic relations since 1998, and more specifically in the development and management of the multilayer relations, which are required today within the higher ranks of the business and political globalized environment.
Following his studies in Greece and Great Britain, having already gained valuable professional experience in the realm of U.S. Greek relations, of communication and tourism both in Athens an in Washington D.C., he founded FORESIGHT │Strategy & Communications in collaboration with the U.S. based company under the same name.
Mr. Costopoulos has collaborated with distinguished individuals and prominent organizations from the political, academic and business environment in the United States, Greece and the broader southeast European region, providing communication strategies related to public affairs, reputation management, public diplomacy and civil society engagement.
Since 2008, he is the Director for Greece of American Citizens Abroad an international organization based in Geneva, while he is an elected member of the Board of Directors of the American‐ Hellenic Chamber of Commerce since 2010.
Co‐founder of the Institute for Regional Dialogue and Strategy, he has written various social and political opinion editorials for top newspapers and magazines in Greece and has spoken extensively on the importance of cooperation and smart power, while he published two books, “Bridges of Cooperation‐Marshall Plan and Greece” in 2008 and “Bridges of Liberty‐ American Philhellenism in the 18th and 19th Centuries” in 2009.
In light of today’s immense challenges and appreciating the pressing need for new mindsets in our country, on December 2011 he founded Repo(we)rGreece, an international grassroots public diplomacy campaign that seeks to restore our country’s credibility and challenge the international misconceptions of Greece and her people.Capitalizing on a new set of ideas, insights and tools that blend public affairs, public diplomacy and PR, the campaign endeavors to confront the negative stereotypes that arise from the failures and interests of the few by showcasing the strengths, talents, and achievements of the many as they reflected in stories that stand out and inspire from the country’s sectors of strategic interest.
A firm believer that solutions are to be created by us, Alexandros is known among his team as a tactical-wiz always aiming for results that shape change.



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